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What Making You Overweight

Many people got much fat on their body. Many people feel so frustrate of their fat body. Many ways fat people do to make them get their ideal weight, even more when the fat getting much more in obese state. But what are the actual cause why people getting fat or overweight?

These points bellow will reveal the causes:

  1. Less of exercise:

The reason of overweight is only one. That is more income of calory with less outcome. Exercise means use your calory wisely which it beneficial for your healthy, too. Exercises such as aerobic gymnastic, football, basketball, or other kind or routine sport are highly recommended to reduce your weight beside diet. Exercise will make blood circulation run well which it making nutrition for cells in our body completed well, too.

  1. False eating habit:

Everyone has eating habit for each of them. This mean not only in how many time we eat in a day daily but also talking about how much we consume our food. Eating habit that will make you get overweight easily is eating much carbohydrate. Carbohydrate is easily broken to energy by little amount of oxygen when fat need more oxygen to be transformed to energy. This condition is bad if those energies are not used so that they will only accumulate in your body as fat which means you will get overweight as this happen as a habit. Another hand, protein needs much more oxygen which make them harder to transform it into energy. So to start your effort to get ideal weight, start to consume protein higher than carbohydrate and fat in your food. Make sure you put lower carbohydrate and fat in your daily menu. Another kind of false eating habit is skipping breakfast or lunch but eat much at dinner. In fact, when we sleep we only need a little energy that makes us use little calories. When we eat much before we sleep, those calories we use in little amount will accumulate in our body as fat.

  1. Psychological factor:

Psychological factor may give the role to make someone overweight. It is because sometimes if people feeling the pressure of stress, food is the solution to make them back to cheer face. So it is wise for you who still want to continue your no overweight fighting to look for other way to reduce your stress such as exercise, chating with friends, having some enjoy time with music, movie, or journey to new attractive places.

  1. Sosio-culture factor:

There are some people who see overweight as symbol of wealth, otherwise skinny is symbol of poverty. This perception making those people have bad eating habit because they will push their children and family to eat much to make them look wealth. And this culture is maintained from generation to generation. Remember, this is not only about wealth or poverty. Being overweight is not good for your health and also for your performance and activity.

  1. Hormonal and metabolism disorder:

There are some people with fast metabolism who will use their calory fast that make the calories have little time to accumulate in their body and there are with slow one who slowly use calory they got from food means making them got fat easily. Those with slow metabolism caused by less active of tyroid gland, hypogonadisme (condition that happen caused by decrease of sex gland actifity), or caused by Cushing syndrome (metabolism disorder caused by hyperactivity of cortical adrenal gland).


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