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Vanish Acne From Your Face Forever


Acne is one of the most popular skin problem for anyone. This is just like an everybody’s problem, because we can say most of people may have the same experience for this one. Acne not only becomes skin problem for female, it does for male too. Acne not only makes a teenage has a minor confident as it appears on his/her face, it also can be a serious problem for adult in fact. Hence we know, everybody needs a clean and healthy skin for sure. Clean and healthy from the big problem like acne.

So, if you feel frustrate about acnes on your face, on your beloved body skin and truly want to vanish them for ever after, check these points out!

1. Examine your skin type

Every skin type has its unique character. There are various types of skin. We know normal skin, oily skin, dry skin, and sensitive one. For every human, this skin type may different each other. And its unique character of each type of skin needs different way to keep it clean and healthy. That’s why starting your plan to vanish acnes from your face needs a real action to make you understand your own skin better. That is examine your skin type. You may go to beauticians, go for medical help or try to fill quiz for it you can easily find from many books or internet these days.
Basically, oily and sensitive skin are the most skin type prone to easier get acnes. It makes anyone who has one of this type, or even the combination type, to carefully decides the proper way to end the age of acne.

2. Knowing the best product for your skin type

a. Oily skin:

This skin type makes everyone has it tends to easily get much oil on their face. Actually, this oil is not bad. Everyone needs oil face to moisturize their face, and do more significant jobs. But when it is produced in huge enough quantity, it must become problem for appearance. And moreover, when the oil that easily mixtures with dirt could close your pore face is added with the presence of bacterias, your body will naturally consider it as a threat. This is the start of an acne story.
That’s why, oily skin needs products which promise reducing and controlling oil face. It is better if you clean your face diligently with the same function product with an ability to kill bacterias, too. But remember, you still need moisturizer to keep maintain your skin health when you apply this kind of product. And sometimes, you will need oil face paper to help the product reduces your oil face in crucial time. So, it is better to always keep it in your bag.

b. Sensitive skin:

The point of sensitive skin is that this skin type needs a baby like treatment. But it doesn’t mean that you have to use baby product for your skin. It is means this skin type really needs a careful treatment and a careful choice of product you will apply on it. Because sensitive skin will easily throw on raging when you made it face unproper things. Basically, acne for sensitive skin is one of allergic reaction appears when your skin found uncomfortable substance on your skin or in your body. That’s why, it is better to know what substance you have to avoid in order to vanish your acne. Go for medical help could help you much. Or if you patience enough, you could make check list of substances or things you ever use and what happen after it to find out which one harmful for your sensitive skin.

There are so many products provide a good care for sensitive skin, with sensitive formulas. But remember, every sensitive skin has its own sensitive side and and substance. So if a product gives good result for someone has the same sensitive skin, it doesn’t always mean it can give you the same good result, otherwise it can be the other nightmare for your own skin.

If you want to try to apply a new product, it is better to test it first. Apply the product on skin behind your ear, and wait for 24 hours to look what may happen. If you feel itchy or hot sensation or it turns to red, it means you have to say no to the product. But if the testing skin calmly say nothing, that’s you have found your proper product.

3. Stuck on your best product

Stuck this in your mind: if you find the proper product for your skin, be honest and faithful for the rest of your life. You need this deciding to make your skin has a better future without any fear of acne anymore. Even aging makes you need additional product, you still have to test it behind your ear, especially those who have sensitive skin.

Don’t easily got temptate to try a new promising product. Good for other doesn’t mean good for you. Just be yourself uniquely for the shake of your healthy and clean skin.

But remember, you can’t fast proof that these points work only for a few time. You will need a big patiency and love for your skin when you start them. And if you find in the end that your acne still can’t vanish at all from your face, it means you face not only an acne problem. Maybe it is a serious problem more than acne such as skin cancer. Make sure to have medical help then. Having beautiful skin is great, but having healthy and clean skin is bless. Have a safe try!


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