What Making You Overweight


Many people got much fat on their body. Many people feel so frustrate of their fat body. Many ways fat people do to make them get their ideal weight, even more when the fat getting much more in obese state. But what are the actual cause why people getting fat or overweight?

These points bellow will reveal the causes:

  1. Less of exercise:

The reason of overweight is only one. That is more income of calory with less outcome. Exercise means use your calory wisely which it beneficial for your healthy, too. Exercises such as aerobic gymnastic, football, basketball, or other kind or routine sport are highly recommended to reduce your weight beside diet. Exercise will make blood circulation run well which it making nutrition for cells in our body completed well, too. Read more

Break The Myths Around Cleaning Face!


Cleaning face is one of the important step everybody should do in order to keep the face stay healthy and beauty. Problem appears when we undeliberately do some faults. These points bellow are some of these myths make us did those faults:

1. Scrub your face hard to remove acnes
This is a big fault. Scrub your face hard only leave bad condition of your skin face. It will make your face becomes red and do feel hurt. Actually, bacterias which is the cause of acne lie too deep in our skin to remove by this rough scrub. What we need is substances which have ability to kill those bacterias, such as salicylic acid and benzoil peroxide.

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Cancer Preys Around You


When we look around our environment, all around we find, especially in big cities, are pollutions. These pollutions come from many sources, such as vehicles spread along streets and smokestacks from manufactures industry. They may cause direct harm for body’s health. We can have asthma, dermatitis, or even early aging and other bad effects of pollutions. But do you know that these pollutions not only give direct symptoms? In fact, some of these pollutions are carcinogenic agents which able to cause cancer chronically.

Chemical carcinogenics can be found in air, water, and also land. These chemical substances have a wonderful ability to react with DNA. Harmfully these substances differ with the other toxics for they have biology effect to stay and cumulate in our body and slowly. We can find chemical carcinogenics as organic and anorganic chemical substance, solid substance, cytocin, hormone and immunosupresan.

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Just Laugh and You’ll be Healthy


Laugh has a great ability to attract positive side of cheerness and dispel negativity sadness. This way could lead man to a magical healing. This matter is not only a figment. This is a well proved fact. Just like what a woman named Cathy Goodman experienced. She was diagnosed by medical diagnosis as a woman suffering a deadful disease. Breast cancer.

When everybody else may easily face a full of depression days, she faced it in quiet different steps. She took a way to survive strongly. She kept heself to stay believe in God’s mercy hugely. She convinced herself that she was not suffering of breast cancer and she was a healthy woman who completely healed. Everyday she talked to herself and said, “Thanks for my healing”. She kept it repeated. She did it as thought the breast cancer was never exist in her body. One of the steps she took in that way to heal herself was watching every single funny movie she could watch, which that way could help him kept laughing and laughing. Fascinately, only in three months later she got the healed condition of the cancer without exposed to any radiation or chemotherapy a patient of cancer usually use to heal. Read more

Vanish Acne From Your Face Forever


Acne is one of the most popular skin problem for anyone. This is just like an everybody’s problem, because we can say most of people may have the same experience for this one. Acne not only becomes skin problem for female, it does for male too. Acne not only makes a teenage has a minor confident as it appears on his/her face, it also can be a serious problem for adult in fact. Hence we know, everybody needs a clean and healthy skin for sure. Clean and healthy from the big problem like acne.

So, if you feel frustrate about acnes on your face, on your beloved body skin and truly want to vanish them for ever after, check these points out! Read more