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Olive Oil for Health

olive oil for health
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Olive oil has been known as an important part in cooking. This kind of oil vegetable oil make an important role to instead palm olein which is kindful for those who suffer for diabetes mellitus in their dish. Other wise, we know olive oil health benefits and pomegranate as a fruit which having much antioxidant. Its red or pink sour fresh and juicy-like orange flesh makes this fruit has fresh taste to be a replenish drink in a dry hot day. But do you know that include olive oil and pomegranate in your daily menu and making beverage have many other beneficials? What makes this more amazing because even these both have an ability to protect us for cancer and many other dreadful diseases.

Olive oil health benefits contains a peculiar substance. This substance called oleocanthal. A substance which having a beneficial to increase inflammation. This fact revealed by the researchers in Monell Chemical Senses Center. Oleocanthal incredibly could decrease the work of COX enzyme which able to cause inflammation. This inflammation severely will terminate to heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer, and cancer.

Whereas pomegranate is a fortunate fruit for maintain the health of our heart. The high contain of ontioxidant in this fruit could also prevent our body of having osteoarthritis. Researchers from Case Western Reserve University found that pomegranate puree could lower down excessive produce of enzyme which able to cause cartilago damage. This cartilage is a kind of bone which protect the bone its covered (for example on part by the end of each pipe bones). This protection is needed to avoid the damage of bones its covered when the bones got in friction each other. To obtain this great beneficial of pomegranate, it is good to include olive oil and pomegranate in your daily menu and consume this fruit as juice a half of cup every day.


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