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Magni Stock – VR Carbon Fiber Controller Rifle Adapter for Oculus Rift

Price: $83.99
(as of Sep 14,2020 15:21:27 UTC – Details)

Product Description



Magni Stock- Gun stock for VRMagni Stock- Gun stock for VR

Precision Gaming

The next level of gamingStabilize controllers keeping them perfectly aligned Enhanced aiming to improve your skill setEliminate controller wobble during intense battles

Key Features

High strength Magnets

High strength Magnets

Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber

Two point sling

Two point sling

Intense Magnets

Neodymium magnets: High Pull magnets keep your controllers locked in place, while still being able to easily bend the controller off when necessary.

Quick-Lock: Hovering over the stock magnets will allow you to quickly lock your controllers onto the stock with ease.

Ultra-Light Carbon Fiber

Feather Light : These carbon tubes are super light, yet extremely durable and are made for action!

Carbon Fiber : Tubes gives the stock a sleek matte black finish.

Two-Point Nylon Sling

Easy Adjust Buckles: No fuss buckles allow you to easily adjust the strap to your specific body type.

Strong Nylon: The nylon strap is comfortable while still be very strong allowing you to increase your comfort in game.

VR controller gun stock oculusVR controller gun stock oculus

Feel the Game!

Aim down your sights like never before and experience virtual reality in a new way! Not only will the MAGNI STOCK improve your game play it will also enhance the immersion. Your controllers can bring you out of the immersion due to misalignment causing items to move unrealistically. Using this stock will eliminate this issue while holding two handed items in perfect, stable alignment!

Carbon Fiber Rifle Stock
Feather Light Materials
Improves immersion and game play
Quick placement high strength magnets
Upgraded Nylon, easy adjust two point sling



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