LensPen VR – for AR/VR – Clean Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality Goggles, Headsets, Smart Glasses, Optics, PS4 VR, Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus Quest, Gamer – NLP-1-ARVR

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(as of Sep 21,2020 10:03:25 UTC – Details)

Product Description

LensPen for Augmented Virtual RealityLensPen for Augmented Virtual Reality

Introducing LensPen Optics cleaning technology for the World of Augmented and Virtual Reality. As a superb tool in optical lens and filter cleaning technology, all LensPen products are designed to remove fingerprints, dust and grease

LensPen products are designed to remove fingerprints, smudges, dust and grease from any optic, headset or screen. LensPen Products have been cleaning high end optics for more than 25 years. Our products have been tested on wide variety of optics and are safe for use on all glass and high-end plastic (i.e. VR headsets & googles). If you run into any problems with one of our products, or have any questions or feedback, please reach out directly to LensPen and we will be happy to help you.
Use patented LensPen products to clean smart glasses, AR / VR goggles including the Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus Quest & PlayStation 4 VR system, along with any other gamer headsets or optics. Each LensPen for AR / VR comes with a handy retractable dust removal brush and a special non-liquid cleaning element, designed to never dry out.
New design upgrade exclusively for the AR / VR market with refined black carbon technology. To reduce waste this product is shipped in a poly bag with instruction sheet. Please contact us at LensPen if there are any questions regarding authenticity or quality of the product that you have purchased.
“An absolutely essential tool for any Virtual Reality gamer”

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