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Just Laugh and You’ll be Healthy


Laugh has a great ability to attract positive side of cheerness and dispel negativity sadness. This way could lead man to a magical healing. This matter is not only a figment. This is a well proved fact. Just like what a woman named Cathy Goodman experienced. She was diagnosed by medical diagnosis as a woman suffering a deadful disease. Breast cancer.

When everybody else may easily face a full of depression days, she faced it in quiet different steps. She took a way to survive strongly. She kept heself to stay believe in God’s mercy hugely. She convinced herself that she was not suffering of breast cancer and she was a healthy woman who completely healed. Everyday she talked to herself and said, “Thanks for my healing”. She kept it repeated. She did it as thought the breast cancer was never exist in her body. One of the steps she took in that way to heal herself was watching every single funny movie she could watch, which that way could help him kept laughing and laughing. Fascinately, only in three months later she got the healed condition of the cancer without exposed to any radiation or chemotherapy a patient of cancer usually use to heal.

What we can obtain from this such beautiful and inspiring story is how this story show us to an amazing healing process by three great powers. Those three powers are: the power of thankful to heal, the power of faith to accept and the power of laugh and cheerfulness to vanish disease out from human body.

We all have a basic programme in our body which it is called “self healing”. When you got to wound, the wound will reunite itself even you do not do anything. When you have infected by bacterias, your immune system will come and conquere the bacterias and do the healing for your body. Immune system is made for the self healing (Dr. Ben Johnson).

Laughing itself is a kind of healing which these days has developed well and accepted by people as a way to keep the healthy of their body. It is such exercise they do routinely and intentionally. And they laugh for exercise, not because of something funny they found in front of their face. They force their barin to understanding how cheerness could be found when we smile and it is well proved as a way to found healing for any disease they have, too.


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