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Jaundice: Why Your Baby May Look Yellow

baby jaundice

A baby jaundice as fetal in utero (in a mommy’s womb) can obtain only a little amount of oxygen the baby needs compare to a man lives in normal atmosphere on the earth. Nature gives its compensate for this condition for baby by supply extra blood that delivers from mommy’s body to the baby. This mechanism gives extra capacity for baby to store oxygen. After a baby born, this extra blood no longer needed. Therefore this extra blood for fetal demolishing in baby’s liver. This process of demolishing creates yellow pigment named bilirubin as its waste.

If the liver function of baby runs well, the liver able to prevent bilirubin accumulation. But in many cases found in babies especially those who born prematurely or before the normal periode, the liver which work as a manufacture machine in half power cannot adjust with the speed of the demolishing. As the result the accumulation of bilirubin happens. This way makes baby’s skin and eyes looks yellow. In fact the baby is not sick even may get harder to get fall asleep, and the accumulation has no enough ability to troubling baby’s brain.

All other cause for yellow disease in newborn baby are hardly ever found, but seems to be more serious. Common cause in found cases is the fighting between mother’s blood and baby’s blood caused by the case of Rhesus (Rh) blood type. If mother’s blood is negative while the father has positive type otherwise the baby also has positive type, some blood cells of the baby passes the mother’s plasenta through in birth process. This could push mother’s body to produce Rhesus antibody that will break the erythrocyte of the next baby which having positive Rhesus type. This case nowadays could be prevented by giving the mother an injection soon after birth process to destroy erythrocytes of the baby which release to her blood.

This unseen battle between mother and the baby also could happen by involving other blood type such as A, B and O. But the yellow disease in baby by this cause relatively slight and not dangerous.
Negroid, Chinese, and Meditarian babies could born in without enzyme they need for their normal erythrocytes condition. As impact, their erythrocytes are destroyed faster than the normal condition. This condition also could cause yellow disease in baby. This condition happens especially after the baby consumes particular food which making the foods for the baby consumption and also drugs must be in list (for allowed and prohibited).

Infection is the most serious cause for this disease. That is why medicians have to always alert for this cause so if they found the baby’s appetite is decreasing, they soon make an action to check the presumption of infection may occur.

Medicinal treatment for yellow fever is taken due to the cause. As an example if the cause is infection, the baby needs antibiotic. In common, every yellow disease needs to be kept in order to prevent the baby for having increase sickness level. This should be done in order to preventing baby’s brain from facing damage risk. This step doing by inputting enough body liquid by mouth, or infuse if it is needed and by giving light treatment. This called fototherapy by put baby in particular incubator box until the yellow disease decreases to safe level.


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