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Grapes for Gratitude of Health

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Grapes are one of popular fruits which many people love to eat. These kind of berry fruits give a fresh sweet taste when we eat them freshly. The sweet taste of grapes comes from it contents of natural sugar. This sugar is different with sucrose in sugar cane or another simple sweet taste from glucose. Grapes contain a kind of fruit sugar named fructose. Because their sweetness comes from the fructose in them, grapes are relatively safe for those who have diabetic problem. But people with diabetes mellitus with high blood sugar level should eat them wisely and still carefully. The content of fructoses in grapes still need controlling for their diet. Too high blood sugar for these people making them should confine the consumption of grapes at only five grapes a day.

The best way to eat fresh grapes is eat the whole part of them. Not only eat the fresh juicy flesh of grapes, the goodness of grapes could be obtained when we eat their seeds, too. Remember, grapes are fruit which well known for their high content of anti-oxidants. But these anti-oxidants contain in grapes’ flesh are less than in the seeds. That is why, eat the whole part of grapes including their seeds give more beneficial for the health of our body in defending from free radicals around us.

The other way to consume grapes is eat the product of grapes processing. One of the product of grapes is raisin. Raisin comes from fermentation process of grapes without add any kind of yeast in the process. All we need for making raisin is not yeast, but hygienic drying process to dried fresh grapes up until the juicy form of grapes change to dry raisins. Basic materials of raisin are grapes, which usually come from red grapes and green grapes, too. The drying process of making raisins makes raisins have sweet taste more. But when thiese dried raisins are stored too long, the natural sugar in raisins will be crystallized and making this sweet taste of raisins getting too much. Another hand, this drying process change not only the appearance of fresh juicy grapes to dry soft tough raisins, but nutrients within them, too. But don’t worry. Eventhough the nutrients in dried raisins has decreased than the fresh one, but these raisins still able to give beneficial for our health. Enclose raisins in our breakfast help us to stay feel full in enough time for diet. And because the sweet taste of pure raisins (raisins with no sweeteners added) comes from natural sugar, raisins are a good choice to run healthy tasty diet.

Another fermentation product of grapes is wine. This alcoholic beverage has many various kinds. There are red wine which made from red grapes, white wine made from green grapes, sweet wine which has sweet taste within, and many more kinds. Wine has been exist since 6000 BC. Some say this liquid fermented grapes originally came from Mesopotamia.

But rather than it advantages, wine has many bad effect for our body. Alcohol it contains has ability to damage liver and kidney. It is because our liver is kitchen, filtering machine, and protector for our body. Alcohol in wine force liver to work harder than normally. This condition can cause liver damage or syrosis, the fifth cause of death for male and seventh for female all over the world. Moreover, it even could harm neurons. Alcohol able to disrupt the development of motoric neurons of fetal in pregnancy. It also can cause the reduction of IQ.


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