DeadEyeVR Advanced Rift S Headphones – Rift S Specific Headphones That Conveniently Attach to The Oculus Rift S Headset

Price: $10.95
(as of Sep 17,2020 13:42:48 UTC – Details)

DeadEyeVR Advanced Rift S Headphones allow you to easily attach headphones to your Rift S. The headphones attach to the sides of your headset so they are perfectly placed near your ears. They stay attached to your headset so you they are easy to use when you take your headset on and off.

Custom Designed: 3D printed headphone holders were custom designed to perfectly fit the Rift S
Premium Audio: Headphones provide satisfying levels of bass, mids, and treble
Mounted: Headphones attach to the Rift S halo strap’s and slide into the perfect position.
Easy Install: Plug the headphones in, place each earphone wire in the 3d printed parts’ slot, and slide the mount on to the side of the headset

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