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Break The Myths Around Cleaning Face!

Cleaning face is one of the important step everybody should do in order to keep the face stay healthy and beauty. Problem appears when we undeliberately do some faults. These points bellow are some of these myths make us did those faults:

1. Scrub your face hard to remove acnes
This is a big fault. Scrub your face hard only leave bad condition of your skin face. It will make your face becomes red and do feel hurt. Actually, bacterias which is the cause of acne lie too deep in our skin to remove by this rough scrub. What we need is substances which have ability to kill those bacterias, such as salicylic acid and benzoil peroxide.

2. Clean your face once a day is enough
Wrong! Clean your face in the night before you sleep can help you remove dirts, oil, and make-up remained on our skin. While cleaning your skin in the morning help you remove all oil face accumulated in the night when you sleep and also help you to remove dull skin. And when you have high activity in a day like having exercise, it is better for you to clean your sweaty face after it.

3. The best way to clean your face is using washcloth
Most people scrub them face excessively when they use washcloth to clean their face and this is not good for your skin. That is why it is way better for you to use your own palm to clean your face. Beside if the washcloth use for cleaning face is not clean enough, it can bring bacteria, oil, and dirts from the last cleaning back to your face. So using your own palm is the best choice. Make sure you wash your hand cleanly using disinfectant soap before you make a touch with your face.

4. Toner after cleansing is absolutely needed
Some people say that using toner after cleansing is absolutely needed to shortened skin pores. Actually, nothing could shortened the pores permanently. That is why this is not the absolute answer for your pores. Using natural substances as the solution is exactly better. When you want to find toner for your face, make sure you choose alcohol free toner that will not harm you and make your face become dry.

5. Much hot the water, much better
Too much hot water could make your face become dry. While cold air cannot remove dirt, oil, and make-up remainers. Choose warm water for cleaning your face therefore.



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