Is Bronchitis Contagious?

Lung, Bronchitis
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A disease is an abnormal condition or a disorder of a function or structure that affects part or an entire organism. A contagious disease is a type of disease that’s caused by organisms and can be transferred from one individual to another whereas a non-contagious disease is one that’s not due to the disease-causing organisms like Down syndrome and hemophilia. Is bronchitis contagious? This is a question that has remained unanswered because of the different behavior of the two types of bronchitis.

What is bronchitis?

Bronchitis refers to a respiratory disease in which the mucus membrane, found in the lungs’ bronchial passage, becomes inflamed. As the inflamed membrane swells and then grows thicker, it shuts off or narrows the tiny airways in one’s lungs, resulting in coughing which might be accompanied by breathlessness and phlegm.

Is Bronchitis really contagious or not?

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Grapes for Gratitude of Health

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Grapes are one of popular fruits which many people love to eat. These kind of berry fruits give a fresh sweet taste when we eat them freshly. The sweet taste of grapes comes from it contents of natural sugar. This sugar is different with sucrose in sugar cane or another simple sweet taste from glucose. Grapes contain a kind of fruit sugar named fructose. Because their sweetness comes from the fructose in them, grapes are relatively safe for those who have diabetic problem. But people with diabetes mellitus with high blood sugar level should eat them wisely and still carefully. The content of fructoses in grapes still need controlling for their diet. Too high blood sugar for these people making them should confine the consumption of grapes at only five grapes a day.

The best way to eat fresh grapes is eat the whole part of them. Not only eat the fresh juicy flesh of grapes, the goodness of grapes could be obtained when we eat their seeds, too. Remember, grapes are fruit which well known for their high content of anti-oxidants. But these anti-oxidants contain in grapes’ flesh are less than in the seeds. That is why, eat the whole part of grapes including their seeds give more beneficial for the health of our body in defending from free radicals around us. Read more

Diet Programme With Low Calorie Foods

low calorie food
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Somehow people used to think about diet as holding yourself to not eat much or consume diet menu that it is usually tasteless or not delicious. First thing you should do when you find yourself having too much weight or overweight and eager to take it down to your ideal weight is: rethink about what diet is. Diet doesn’t mean stop eating and face suffering, but it means arrange your menu in order to make you consume nutrients you need but minimize what you do not need. Diet should make you stay healthy but help you conquere the overweight which burdened your shoulder.

Furthermore, diet menu not always means foods give you misery experience of eating it. Low calory foods for diet not always have to be foods with no taste and boring. Some kind of low calory foods included in tasty foods and can be a good alternative for you when you find yourself suffering in monotone tasteless diet menu. This way lead you to enjoy way for doing your diet without breaking it. Read more

Olive Oil for Health

olive oil for health
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Olive oil has been known as an important part in cooking. This kind of oil vegetable oil make an important role to instead palm olein which is kindful for those who suffer for diabetes mellitus in their dish. Other wise, we know olive oil health benefits and pomegranate as a fruit which having much antioxidant. Its red or pink sour fresh and juicy-like orange flesh makes this fruit has fresh taste to be a replenish drink in a dry hot day. But do you know that include olive oil and pomegranate in your daily menu and making beverage have many other beneficials? What makes this more amazing because even these both have an ability to protect us for cancer and many other dreadful diseases.

Olive oil health benefits contains a peculiar substance. This substance called oleocanthal. A substance which having a beneficial to increase inflammation. This fact revealed by the researchers in Monell Chemical Senses Center. Oleocanthal incredibly could decrease the work of COX enzyme which able to cause inflammation. This inflammation severely will terminate to heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer, and cancer.
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Jaundice: Why Your Baby May Look Yellow

baby jaundice

A baby jaundice as fetal in utero (in a mommy’s womb) can obtain only a little amount of oxygen the baby needs compare to a man lives in normal atmosphere on the earth. Nature gives its compensate for this condition for baby by supply extra blood that delivers from mommy’s body to the baby. This mechanism gives extra capacity for baby to store oxygen. After a baby born, this extra blood no longer needed. Therefore this extra blood for fetal demolishing in baby’s liver. This process of demolishing creates yellow pigment named bilirubin as its waste.

If the liver function of baby runs well, the liver able to prevent bilirubin accumulation. But in many cases found in babies especially those who born prematurely or before the normal periode, the liver which work as a manufacture machine in half power cannot adjust with the speed of the demolishing. As the result the accumulation of bilirubin happens. This way makes baby’s skin and eyes looks yellow. In fact the baby is not sick even may get harder to get fall asleep, and the accumulation has no enough ability to troubling baby’s brain. Read more